FP Canada Board of Directors

FP Canada’s Board of Directors works on behalf of the Canadian public, FP Canada certificants and other stakeholders to ensure that FP Canada’s purpose — to foster better financial health for Canadians by advancing professional financial planning–is realized.

The Board is composed of at least 10 individuals with varied backgrounds that are relevant to achieving FP Canada’s purpose. Currently, the Board’s specific composition includes:

  • Five Certified Financial Planner® professionals;
  • Three public directors; and
  • Two financial planners (F. Pl.) licensed in the province of Quebec.

Candidates for the Board are recommended by the Board Development Committee. Board members are not compensated for their work, and serve up to two, three-year terms. The Board appoints a Chair from within its ranks each year.



Brett Millard, CFP

Chair, Board of Directors


SPEIR Wealth Management Inc.

Kelowna, BC


Martin Dupras, F. Pl.

Vice Chair, Board of Directors


ConFor Financiers

Montreal, QC

Dan Busi_web

Dan Busi, CFP

Director, Board of Directors

Vice President & Investment Counsellor

RBC PH&N Investment Counsel

Calgary, AB


François Durocher, CFP, ICD.D

Director, Board of Directors

Retired Executive

Montreal, QC


Carolyn Fallis, CFP

Director, Board of Directors

Professor - Financial Planning, School of Accounting and Finance

George Brown College

Toronto, ON


Yves L. Giroux, F. Pl.

Director, Board of Directors

Vice President of Multi-Network Business Development

Desjardins Financial Security

Toronto, ON


Ronald P. Harvey, CFP, CPA, CGA, C.Dir

Director, Board of Directors

Senior Financial Advisor

Investment Planning Counsel

Ottawa, ON


Pat Macdonald, ICD.D

Director, Board of Directors

CEO and Co-Founder

United Craft & Old Tomorrow Ltd.

Toronto, ON


Peter Shena

Director, Board of Directors

Executive Vice President and Chief Pension Officer

Ontario Pension Board

Toronto, ON


David Wild

Director, Board of Directors

Associate Deputy Minister of Finance

Public Employees Benefits Agency (PEBA)

Regina, SK