FP Canada certificants add value to many organizations, such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies and financial planning firms. By hiring an FP Canada certificant, you can be sure your employee is well equipped to serve clients’ evolving needs, today and in the future. In this section, learn about the benefits of hiring an FP Canada certificant, find out how to promote job postings and explore other resources to support you as an employer.

Important Changes to Certification Requirements

FP Canada is making changes to its certification programs. Effective January 1, 2020, FPSC Level 1® certification will be replaced by QAFP™ certification and all current FPSC Level 1 certificants will automatically become QAFP professionals. Additionally, new education requirements for both QAFP certification and CFP® certification will be implemented following a transition period.
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FP Canada Certifications

Certified Financial Planner® certification is the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and throughout the world and is considered the standard for the profession. CFP professionals have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to examine their clients’ entire financial picture, at the highest level of complexity required of the profession, and help them build a financial plan so that they can Live Life Confidently.

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Effective January 1, 2020, Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ certification will replace FPSC Level 1 certification and all current FPSC Level 1 certificants will become QAFP professionals. QAFP professionals have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to provide holistic financial planning strategies and solutions for clients who have financial planning needs with a limited level of complexity.

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FPSC Level 1 certificants are equipped to provide financial planning services for clients who have less complex financial planning needs. Certificants are required to attest to the same standard of care, ethics and loyalty as a CFP professional and must fulfil annual Continuing Education requirements. Effective January 1, 2020, QAFP certification will replace FPSC Level 1 certification and all current FPSC Level 1 certificants will become QAFP professionals.

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Verify the Credentials of an FP Canada Certificant

By ensuring a financial planner is certified by FP Canada, you can take comfort in knowing they’ve met rigorous requirements of competency, experience and ethics. Use the Find a Planner tool to verify a planner’s certification status and, if applicable, view their disciplinary history.

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Hire an FP Canada Certificant

FP Canada certificants provide your organization with industry-leading expertise and a commitment to a standard of care, ethics and loyalty.

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View the Paths to FP Canada Certifications

Understand the rigorous education, examination and work experience requirements expected of FP Canada certificants. The paths to certification are designed to ensure that FP Canada certificants can meet their clients’ needs and the evolving requirements of the financial services industry.

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Support Your Employees

Financial planners make a meaningful difference in their clients’ lives. FP Canada is here to support them in that mission. We have compiled a series of publications, research studies and other tools that can help guide your employees in their practices, educate their clients on the value of financial planning and promote their professional designations.

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Your employees who are CFP professionals or FPSC Level 1 certificants have an obligation to ensure that their knowledge and competence remains current. As a provider of FP Canada-Approved Continuing Education (CE) Activities, you provide assurance to your employees that your organization’s CE activities will count toward their annual requirement to maintain certification. Additionally, your organization is highlighted as an employer of choice for demonstrating a strong investment in your employees and commitment to an exemplary calibre of client services in financial planning.

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To renew certification, CFP professionals must complete 25 hours of Continuing Education (CE) each year. FPSC Level 1 Certificants must complete 12 hours of CE each year. The CE activities that appear on the FP Canada Continuing Education Search Tool have been reviewed through the FP Canada CE Approval Program

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The FP Canada Research Foundation is dedicated to funding, promoting and disseminating financial planning research for the benefit of Canadians. The Foundation focuses on technical and behavioural research that enhances the practice of professional financial planning, as well as research that reflects the impact of financial planning on society.

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We maintain a website geared towards the Canadian public that contains articles and information about the benefits of financial planning with a professional. Visit today and access over 140 articles, videos and infographics to help you connect with your clients.

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Explore Research on the Value of Professional Financial Planners

When it comes to managing their finances, consumers are struggling. Global research commissioned by the Financial Planning Standards Board shows that consumers are not highly confident, don’t stay on track, fail to achieve goals and most don’t have a financial plan. The survey involved over 19,000 adults in 19 different countries, including over 1,000 in Canada.

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According to a survey published by Financial Planning Standards Board, financial services firms that employ CFP professionals increase their productivity, profitability and client satisfaction, and lowered their compliance risks. The survey included 92 firms and more than 120,000 financial advisors spanning 12 countries.

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A three-year longitudinal study of almost 15,000 Canadians, reveals that beyond providing value to their clients, CFP professionals facilitate the achievement of an employer’s organizational goals. Results showed that:

  • CFP professionals have longer-term relationships with their clients than non-certified professionals.
  • Canadians spend 36% more time with their CFP professional than those working with a non-certified professional.
  • Canadians who work with a CFP professional are more likely to report their financial affairs are on track than those dealing with non-certified planners.
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Book a Visit from a CFP Professional Ambassador

CFP Professional Ambassadors provide a first-hand perspective about a career in financial planning to students in education programs or candidates attending professional recruitment and networking events. These trained, practicing CFP professionals attend sessions across the country to share their day-to-day experiences as a CFP professional.

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Resources for Employers

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Key Publications

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For more information about adding the financial planning expertise of an FP Canada certificant to your team, please contact FP Canada Stakeholder Support at info@fpcanada.ca, 416-593-8587 or 1-800-305-9886. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.