Maintain Your Certification

CFP® certification and FPSC Level 1® certification must be renewed annually; by March 31 for CFP professionals and July 31 for FPSC Level 1 certificants. Annual requirements to renew your FP Canada certification include:


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Important Changes to Your Certification Requirements – Effective January 1, 2020

FP Canada is making changes to its certification programs. Effective January 1, 2020, FPSC Level 1 certification will be replaced by QAFP™ certification and all current FPSC Level 1 certificants will automatically become QAFP professionals. To maintain certification, QAFP professionals who transition from FPSC Level 1 certification must complete the Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE) course and the QAFP Professional Education Program by July 31, 2021. New QAFP professionals will be required to complete QAFP Professional Education Program within one year of achieving QAFP certification. CFP professionals will be requiredto complete two hours of CE in the category of Professional Responsibility (a change from the current one-hour annual requirement); for a total of 25 CE credits required annually.
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