FP Canada Fellow Distinction

The FP Canada Fellow distinction formally recognizes individuals who have helped advance FP Canada's purpose and CFP® professional standards, and who have embodied these standards. Examples of contributions from previous FP Canada Fellow recipients have included:

  • Long-standing and exemplary service through volunteerism that advances FP Canada's purpose
  • Promotion of financial planning and Certified Financial Planner® certification as the profession of choice to the next generation
  • Significant involvement in the development of practice standards or the examinations development process
  • Direct or broad support of the CFP designation within the financial planning industry
  • Extensive promotion of financial planning and CFP certification to Canadians on a grassroots level

The Recognition and Awards Committee applies strict criteria and a stringent process for evaluating nominees for this distinction. As a result, the FP Canada Fellow distinction may not be awarded every year.


Nomination criteria and guidelines for the FP Canada Fellow distinction are posted in May each year.

2018 Recipients

Aurèle Courcelles, CFP
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Professor Kwok Sum Ho, CFP
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Past Recipients



Dawn Hawley, Alberta



Bryan Doull, Ontario
Kevin L. Gebert, British Columbia
Kelly Maidens, Ontario



Teresa Black Hughes, British Columbia
Dorota Irena Hagel, Ontario
Richa Hingorani, Ontario
Amin Mawani, Ontario
Jason Peters, British Columbia
John Wilkinson, Ontario



Carla Norris, British Columbia
Sally Rycroft, British Columbia
David Christianson, Manitoba
Jack Courtney, Manitoba
Christine Watson, Ontario
Lawrence Lynch, Ontario
Lynn Biscott, Ontario
Wade Byron Van Bostelen, Ontario



David Salloum, Alberta
Sterling Rempel, Alberta
Coleen Clark, Ontario
David Nicholson, Ontario
Deborah Kraft, Ontario
Frank Wiginton, Ontario
George Athanassakos, Ontario
Gerald Bissett, Ontario
Heather Holjevac, Ontario
James Kraft, Ontario
Marc Lamontagne, Ontario
Steve Bang, Ontario
Susan Stefura, Ontario
Tina Di Vito, Ontario
Tony Mahabir, Ontario



Dan Busi, Alberta
John Carpenter, Alberta
Larry Wood, Alberta
Mark Thomas, Alberta
Ryan Beebe, Alberta
Bradley Roulston, British Columbia
Don Nilson, British Columbia
Larry Stubbs, British Columbia
Mark Leslie, British Columbia
Randy Reynolds, British Columbia
Debbie Ammeter, Manitoba
Alan Goldhar, Ontario
Alastair Rickard, Ontario
Carolyn Fallis, Ontario
Cary List, Ontario
Chris Robinson, Ontario
Craig Lilley, Ontario
Cynthia Kett, Ontario
Dave Kohler, Ontario
Garry Duncan, Ontario
Gena Katz, Ontario
Joanne Magee, Ontario
John DeGoey, Ontario
John Murray, Ontario
Jury Kopach, Ontario
Michael Lem, Ontario
Naguib Kerba, Ontario
Patricia Lovett-Reid, Ontario
Peter Volpe, Ontario
Ron Harvey, Ontario
Tina Tehranchian, Ontario
Cheryl Bauer-Hyde, Saskatchewan
Rod Tyler, Saskatchewan