President's List

The President’s List recognizes students who embody the highest standards of excellence in their completion of the CFP® examination. After each sitting of the CFP® examination, the top successful candidates are recognized as members of the President’s List. We congratulate these individuals for their exceptional performance.


February 2022


February 2022 CFP Exam President's List, 1st place, Shannon Lamont





1st Place: Shannon Lamont – Guelph, ON

February 2022 CFP Exam President's List, 2nd place, Scott Swinkels



2nd Place: Scott Swinkels – Victoria, BC

February 2022 CFP Exam President's List, 3rd place, Jingwei Raina Sun



3rd Place: Jingwei Raina Sun – Welland, ON


October 2021

1st Place:Matthew Kaustinen; Thunder Bay, ON
2nd Place:Christian Battistelli; Markham, ON
3rd Place (tie):Andrea LaPointe; Victoria, BC
3rd Place (tie):Leon Chan; Richmond, BC


May 2021

1st Place:Jacob Toll – London, ON
2nd Place:Kimberley Priebe – Victoria, BC
3rd Place:John Hunt – Vancouver, BC


November 2020

1st Place:Rory Drennen – Ottawa, ON
2nd Place:Jarrett Holmes – Winnipeg, MB
3rd Place:Kristopher Kibler – Calgary, AB


November 2019

1st Place:Michelle Seymour – Calgary, AB
2nd Place:Garrett Boekestyn – Listowel, ON
3rd Place:Trevor Skidmore – Winnipeg, MB


June 2019

1st Place:Craig Hughes – Winnipeg, MB
2nd Place:Vaughn Hoskins – St. John's, NL
3rd Place:Andrew Porteous – Richmond Hill, ON


November 2018

1st Place:Christopher Ferris – Ottawa, ON
2nd Place:Jennifer Armstrong – Vernon, BC
3rd Place:Haiyan Wang – Burnaby, BC


June 2018

1st Place:Katelyn Culliton - Waterloo, ON
2nd Place Tie:Neal Kongkham - London, ON / Blair Evans - Winnipeg, MB


November 2017

1st Place:Nathan Wood - Calgary, AB
2nd Place Tie:Travis Allen - Kitchener, ON / Wes Cowlishaw - Saskatoon, SK


June 2017

1st Place:Sara Ready - Toronto, ON
2nd Place Tie:Christopher Krmpotic - Waterloo, ON / Timothy - Dawson Creek, BC


November 2016

1st Place:Kouros Ghanavizchian - Vancouver, BC
2nd Place:Kyle Snowden - Grimsby, ON
3rd Place:Muizz Saleh - Mississauga, ON


June 2016

1st Place:Simon Couvrette - Ottawa, ON
2nd Place Tie:Melissa Loiselle - Edmonton, AB / Marc Sherman - Toronto, ON