Are you a financial planning educator? Or an employer looking to hire professional financial planners? Here’s everything you need to know about us, our certification programs and the resources we have to offer.

Providers of FP Canada™-Approved education, including education for FP Canada certification and Continuing Education (CE) activities, are in demand by those on the path to certification as well as nearly 20,000 FP Canada certificants. In this section you will find resources and information to equip you in preparing the next generation of professional financial planners for success in their careers and supporting current FP Canada certificants in fulfilling their CE requirements.


Find out what an FP Canada certificant can do for your organization and the skills and experience they bring. Explore helpful resources to gain insights into FP Canada’s certification programs and learn about the value of professional financial planning. You can also verify a planner’s certification status, find out how to promote job opportunities and discover tools to help you support your employees.

FP Canada Research Foundation

The FP Canada Research Foundation is dedicated to funding, promoting and disseminating financial planning research for the benefit of Canadians.


Find a Financial Planner

Your choice of financial planner is an important one. A professional financial planner has the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to look at your entire financial picture and help you achieve financial well-being. Use this tool to find a professional financial planner in your area or to verify the certification status of your planner.



    In this area we have compiled documents found throughout our site so that you can quickly access our key publications, policies and procedures, as well as browse helpful tools for candidates, practicing financial professionals and the Canadian public.