Make a Complaint About a Financial Planner

Many issues are the result of miscommunication between parties. The first step is to speak with your financial planner for clarification and to ask about a possible resolution. Note, the Standards Council has the jurisdiction to consider concerns about QAFP™ professionals and CFP® professionals (collectively, FP Canada™ certificants).

To submit a formal complaint about the actions of a FP Canada certificant, please complete the Complaint Form.

Submit a Formal Complaint


Complaints Investigated by FP Canada Standards Council

The Standards Council receives and reviews complaints about FP Canada certificants involving:

  • Any conduct that may breach the Standards of Professional Responsibility (Code of Ethics; Rules of Conduct; Fitness Standards and Practice Standards);
  • Any other conduct that may bring the reputation of the certification marks into question.

If you are not sure if your complaint meets the above criteria, or if you are not sure if your complaint involves a FP Canada certificant please contact us at


Timing to Submit a Complaint

Complaints must be filed within six years of the date you knew (or ought to have known) of the events about which you are complaining. It is important to act quickly and to respond promptly to any requests for more information regarding your complaint. If you wait too long, the Standards Council may not be able to proceed with the complaint as the evidence required to investigate your complaint may no longer be available or reliable. The sooner you make your complaint, the more likely it is that relevant documents still exist, witnesses can be more easily located, memories have not faded, and evidence is not missing.


Anonymous Complaints

Although the Standards Council accepts anonymous complaints, it is strongly suggested that you identify yourself in the Complaint Form. A reluctance to participate in the process frequently results in the Standards Council not being able to conduct a full and fair Investigation, which may result in the complaint being closed or dismissed.

Please note that while the Standards Council will do its best to keep your name confidential should you wish to remain anonymous, your identity may become evident to the subject of your complaint when the certificant is provided with the details of the case against him or her.


Other Enforcement Bodies

If your complaint falls outside of the Standards Council’s jurisdiction, you may wish to contact other oversight bodies.

Below is a list of federal and provincial/territorial enforcement organizations that accept complaints from the public.

OBSI is an independent service for resolving banking services and investment disputes. Services are free to customers.



If you require additional information or would like to discuss your situation before submitting a formal complaint, please email or call 416-593-8587, 1-800-305-9886, and ask to speak with the Standards and Enforcement Coordinator.