Next Steps in Your Career

As an FP Canada certificant, you’ve achieved an impressive career milestone. What’s next in your career? Read on to learn about opportunities to further advance your education, experience and career.

Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, more than 300 FP Canada certificants generously volunteer their expertise and passion to a wide range of important activities to ensure that financial planning and FP Canada’s work in the public interest is well represented.
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Career Opportunities

Your FP Canada certification is in demand by employers everywhere. Check our FP Canada Job Board often for new job opportunities. You may also submit a job opportunity at your organization for posting on our Job Board.
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Cross-Border Practice for CFP® Professionals

FP Canada and organizations in other territories that manage Certified Financial Planner® certification are members of the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).

In response to the increased globalization of financial markets and the need to support consumers with international assets and interests, some FPSB member organizations have established reciprocity agreements allowing CFP professionals to obtain the rights to use the CFP marks in select FPSB member territories. For more information on the transportability of your CFP marks to other FPSB-member territories, please view FPSB's webpage about Cross-Border Practice.

If you are a CFP professional from another country and would like to become certified in Canada, please see the Foreign CFP Professional Path to CFP Certification.